Michael Steele favors a brokered Republican convention

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele. PHOTO/File

Is the never-ending and ever-bitter 2012 Republican presidential race, which at this point seems to be alienating independent voters, Michael Steele’s revenge?

In January 2011, Steele, the first African American chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), was unceremoniously denied a second term by the party’s governing council, after a tumultuous two-year stint marked by the historic GOP takeover of the House but also multiple gaffes (Steele called Afghanistan “a war of Obama’s choosing”), blunders (spending US$2000 in party funds at a West Hollywood bondage-themed nightclub), and charges of profound financial mismanagement. But during his rocky tenure at RNC HQ, Steele pushed for and won significant changes in the rules for the party’s presidential nomination process and shaped this year’s turbulent race.

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