Haiti: President-elect Jovenel Moïse invites former coup leader to his inauguration

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse during an interview with reporters shortly after the results of the election were released, Nov 29. 2016. PHOTO/AFP

Haiti’s President-elect Jovenel Moïse has confirmed that he had invited former coup leader and army general Henry Namphy to his inauguration on February 7.

Namphy had replaced former president Jean-Claude Duvalier in February 1986 as head of the National Council and after handing over power to Leslie Manigat in 1988, he staged a coup in June that same year.
But Namphy was himself the victim of a coup in September of the same year and since then has been living in the Dominican Republic and has never returned to Haiti.

Moïse, who ended a 3-day visit to the Dominican Republic earlier this week, told reporters that he had met with the former army general as well as businessman Marc-Antoine Acra and extended an invitation to his inauguration.

“These are Haitians. It is normal, as president of the Republic, to meet all Haitians. There is no Haitian that I will not meet,” he said.
“I am the President of all Haitians without distinction,” Moïse, 48, said as he confirmed the invitation had been extended to Namphy.

Meanwhile, Economy and Finance Minister Yves Romain Bastien, said he would soon be tabling in Parliament, legislation regarding the financing of elections.
Political observers said if the Bill is ratified by both Houses, all future elections in Haiti will be financed by the Treasury. – (CMC)