Haiti: Final round of legislative and municipal runoff elections completed

Haiti held a final round of legislative contests as well as long-overdue municipal elections on Sunday, closing a repeatedly derailed electoral cycle that started in 2015.

President-elect Jovenel Moïse’s political faction and its allies are hoping to increase their majority in Parliament with 8 legislative runoffs. Voters were also choosing 5,500 district authorities in local elections.

In a sign of voter apathy, turnout in the capital, Port-au-Prince, appeared to be paltry, with numerous voting centers seeing only a trickle of voters.
Across the country, balloting appeared to be mostly calm with voters who decided to participate.

The border with the neighboring Dominican Republic was closed before Election Day, a typical security measure during Haitian balloting. Border crossings were due to reopen on Monday.

President-elect Jovenel Moïse is slated to be inaugurated on February 7.

Source: Associated Press