Guyana says future oil output could be refined in Trinidad, Suriname

Significant oil and gas discovery discovered off the coast of Guyana

Guyana could send future oil production to Trinidad & Tobago or Suriname for refining, a government official said on Thursday.

Between 800 million and 1.4 billion barrels of oil have been discovered off the coast of Guyana, with production expected for 2020.

“We recently had some overtures made by the government of Trinidad & Tobago, they are operating right now below optimum and they are importing oil from Nigeria,” Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman told reporters.
“Suriname has also indicated a willingness to do refining for Guyana. Why? Because they too have a refinery which is performing under par.”

Guyana, which currently does not produce oil, is considering whether it would make economic sense to build its own refinery, Trotman said.

The crude discovery triggered a diplomatic dispute with neighboring Venezuela, which lays claim to a portion of Guyana as part of a long-standing border dispute. Guyana says the countries’ border was settled over a century ago.

Source: Reuters