Barbados: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart confident of winning next general election

Barbados Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart

“We will rout our adversaries and put them to flight”

Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart says his Democratic Labor Party (DLP) will win the next general elections constitutionally due in 2018.
In the last general election held on February 21, 2013, Stuart led the DLP to a narrow 16-14 victory over the Barbados Labor Party (BLP).

Addressing the Errol Barrow Memorial Service on Sunday, Prime Minister Stuart brushed aside calls by the main opposition party and its leader Mia Mottley for fresh general elections citing the current state of the island-nation’s economy.

“I want to exhort members of the DLP not to grow wary – you have nothing to be ashamed of, don’t get distracted by a lot of the incoherent noises you hear from time to time. Those issues are going to be settled on a date that I will determine.
“We will rout our adversaries and put them to flight,” he said.

Stuart said that many wealthy developed countries are still feeling the effects of the global financial crisis, and therefore it is no surprise that a small, fragile, developing country like Barbados should continue to feel the effects as well.

“Now that is not an excuse, it is an explanation,” he said, adding “it is the kind of explanation which is required to be given in Barbados because over the last 8 years, there have been a number of false prophets running around trying to give the impression that we in Barbados are in a collection of Robinson Crusoe’s on our own little island – that we are not affected by what happens anywhere else; that we can make our own decisions, do our own thing and we can be as viable as we want. Not true!”

Prime Minister Stuart said that the late Errol Barrow, who would have been celebrating his 97th birthday on January 21, is still the most quoted politician in Barbados, 30 years after his death.
“We memorialize him because of the great contribution which he has made to the development of Barbados – in our enrichment and to our education.

“He came not to see what he could get out of politics, but he came to see what he could give to it. We in the DLP have every reason to feel proud that he has been our leader and that he has contributed as much as he was able to contribute, using the party as his vehicle to the people of Barbados.” -(CMC)